Bright. Inclusive. Diverse. Equitable. Accessible. 

(Bright I.D.E.A.)
Special Education Advocacy, Training, & Support
for Parents, Educators, & Organizations

Students & Parents

Getting help with special education matters can be overwhelming. Our incredible team has over 20 years of experience providing special education advocacy training, services, & support.


Bright IDEA saw the need to provide quality training and guidance to District Staff who need to learn how to educate and collaboratively advocate for their students - especially those with special needs.


We educate businesses & other community partners on diversity & inclusion to help them avoid discrimination pitfalls while creating empowering & equitable environments for children & adults with different abilities.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Rolanda Fabien

Dr. Fabien, a dedicated wife, mother, and educator, is specially trained in Advocacy, Diversity, Special Education, and Leadership. She sets the vision for Bright IDEA Consulting, and her mission is to ensure ALL are supported and treated equitably in nurturing and collaborative environments.

Special Education Advocacy

What Our Clients Say About Us

“These courses are a must! This was the 1st IEP meeting where my wife and I were totally prepared and knew just what to ask. It feels good to know my stuff!" ~Stephen W., Parent
“I hired advocates before, but that didn’t help us as parents. Through this course, I learned how to work with the teachers AND get exactly what my daughter needed.” ~ Catherine S., Parent
“Hearing my child has a disability was hard. We were overwhelmed and terrified. The information and support were what I needed to be more informed and less afraid.” ~ Marisol G., Parent
“Bright IDEA helped to shift our company’s culture to improve staff relations, avoid a few EEOC landmines, and be more representative of our customers. Definitely worth the investment!” ~ Peta C., VP Operations
“I learned how to help my students with disabilities which made me a stronger teacher for all my students and a better leader for the teachers I support.” ~Brigitte R., Teacher Leader
“We always struggled in IEP meetings. Now, we know just what questions to ask and learned how to work with the school to get the help our son needs.” ~Jean S., Parent

Bright. Inclusive. Diverse. Equitable. Accessible.

(Bright I.D.E.A.)

Courses & Services

Our Special Education Guidebook Series is ideal for getting parents, educators, and community partners on the same page about Section 504 and IDEA laws and statutes. It sets a foundation for positive collaboration between students, parents, support agencies, IEP teams, and 504 teams. Most importantly, these self-paced courses are essential for getting the best outcomes for students with different abilities.

Imagine going to a meeting where YOU feel entirely prepared, YOU understand the technical terms, YOU connect with the other participants, and YOU get the services your student needs. You don’t have to imagine. YOU CAN do all this and more without an expensive advocate or attorney!! View our courses and learn how.

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Learn about more ways we can help.

We can do more together than you can do alone. Let’s bring our abilities and passions together to get actual results. There are many ways we can support you. Contact us to learn more about special education advocacy training and other services we provide.

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